Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Tour 2015

First we wanna thank Coliseum for adding us on to their show last week. It was a wonderful experience.
#109 - 6/26/15 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean w/ Coliseum, United Nations, RLYR

We are heading out on our first West Coast tour in three years this coming week, and we're very excited. The lineup for this tour is Monica Brennan, Liz Panella, Ray Martinez, Chris Avgerin, and Vinny Segretario. We're heading to Canada for the first time, and also spending a day in Portland recording with Stan Wright @ Buzz or Howl Studio for some upcoming releases. Needless to say, we are very excited about all of this!

Here are our tour dates, and we hope to see some old friends, and make new ones, soon.

#110 - 7/9/15 - Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus - w/ Thee Mistakes, Tammy Cannons, Gosh!
#111 - 7/10/15 - Kansas City, MO @ Pointless Forest - w/ Phantom Head, Tongues
#112 - 7/11/15 - Denver, CO @ The Gallery - w/ The Nervous, Barbed Wire
#113 - 7/12/15 - Reno, NV @ The Holland Project
#114 - 7/13/15 - Chico, CA
#115 - 7/14/15 - San Francisco, CA @ The Knockout - w/Tonalite, the Externs
#116 - 7/15/15 - Oakland, CA @ Dead Rat Beach - w/Composite, Otzi, Beast
           7/16/15 - Portland, OR (day off/recording)
#117 - 7/17/15 - Portland, OR @ Black Water - w/ Arctic Flowers, Vivid Sekt
#118 - 7/18/15 - Olympia, WA - w/ Kohosh, Squill
#119 - 7/19/15 - Vancouver, BC, Canada @ The Hindenberg
#120 - 7/20/15 - Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge - w/ Validation
#121 - 7/21/15 - Missoula, MT @ Ole Beck VFW Post 209
#122 - 7/22/15 - Minot, ND w/ Mr Dad, Cool Dogs
#123 - 7/23/15 - Minneapolis, MN @ Alex's House
#124 - 7/24/15 - Duluth, MN
#125 - 7/25/15 - Minneapolis, MN
#126 - 7/26/15 - Chicago, IL @ Fed Up Fest

Saturday, April 4, 2015

West Coast Touring.

It's all happening, and we're going on tour towards the West Coast in July. We're very excited to make the trip, as we haven't played in that part of the US since 2012. The dates are set, but the locations of the shows are still being worked out - we'll post those details as they come.

Upcoming performances:
#107 - 5/8/15 - Chicago, IL @ Liar's Club - w/Endless Column, The Pastaways, Salvation
#108 - 5/18/15 - Chicago, IL @ Albion House 

Summer Tour
#108 - 7/9/15 - St. Louis, MO
#109 - 7/10/15 - Kansas City, MO
#110 - 7/11/15 - Denver, CO
#111 - 7/12/15 - Salt Lake City, UT
#112 - 7/13/15 - Reno, NV
#113 - 7/14/15 - San Francisco, CA
#114 - 7/15/15 - Oakland, CA
#115 - 7/16/15 - Portland, OR (day off)
#116 - 7/17/15 - Portland, OR
#117 - 7/18/15 - Olympia, WA
#118 - 7/19/15 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
#119 - 7/20/15 - Seattle, WA
#120 - 7/21/15 - Missoula, MT
#121 - 7/22/15 - Minot. ND
#122 - 7/23/15 - Minneapolis, MN
#123 - 7/24/15 - Milwaukee, WI
#124 - 7/25/15 - Chicago, IL

Friday, March 27, 2015

Up and Running.

So things have been pretty much at a standstill for us for the past year. There was a grouping that practiced and recorded in Oakland, Ca - but for personal reasons did not result in an Autonomy release or any performances. Having relocated, yet again, this time with no intention of moving for a quiet awhile, we have been in Chicago, writing and working on new material with yet another new cast of characters. Joining the group are Liz Panella, Vinny Segretario, and Chris Avgerin. For the first time since leaving Carbondale we will be performing, with plans to tour to the Pacific Northwest and back in July.

We hope to see you all soon.

Upcoming Performances:

#107 - 5/8/15 - Chicago, IL @ Liars Club - w/ Endless Column, The Pastaways, Salvation
#108 - 5/18/15 - Chicago, IL @ Albion House

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slowly But Surely.

We've actually got some stuff happening again. It's been awhile, but the momentum is picking back up again. Monica/Schuyler/Taylor/Ray are going to be getting together this coming week in Carbondale to write/record a handful of new songs and play a show in Carbondale. 

Also, the 12" split with Boston's No Sir, I Won't is finally available for pre-order via Dirt Cult Records.  5 songs from the 6-piece Nick/Monica/Schuyler/Taylor/John/Ray lineup. 
More to come...

Upcoming performances:

#106 - 6/6/14 - Carbondale, IL @ Lost Cross - w/ Wingtips

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're Not Dead, Yet!

It's been a while since the last update here, and apologies for that. A lot of things have changed in Autonomy: Taylor left the group to pursue schooling, Monica moved to New York City, and Ray moved to San Francisco.

However, Autonomy is still going strong. Some time is being taken in order to find more people interested in collaborating musically and artistically, along with songwriting and general re-adjustment.

That being said, there are also a couple of new releases:

Our split 12" with St. Louis' DOOM TOWN is out now on Trend Is Dead Records:

Our split 7" with Berkeley's STREET EATERS is out now on Off The Books Records:

We also still have copies of our three track 8" square, clear, semi-flexi lathe cut record. Each record is individually cut. The covers were handscreened by Jared Davey and hand stamped by Ray Martinez. Each copy also contains a fold out screenprinted poster by Kelly Ahrens, a hand decorated DVD by Carson Cates, a photo print by Heather Blotto, and slap stickers stamped by Ray. Only 40 copies were made. You can by them directly from the band at $12. Email - if you're interested.

The long coming split 7" with Minneapolis' SERENGHETTO should be coming out soon as well.

Stay tuned for future updates.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Massive Changes and an Upcoming East Coast Tour.

We've had a lot of changes going on as of late. As of August, Taylor will no longer be performing with Autonomy. He is taking a sabbatical of unknown length as he goes back to school. Taylor has been playing with the band since April of 2011. He joined as a temporary tour guitarist at our 5th show, and simply remained in the band - switching to drums at a point as well. He was actually at our first ever performance, taking pictures. He will be greatly missed and we all hope that he will be able to fit Autonomy back into his life sooner than later.

Though we wish Taylor would be able to go with us on our upcoming EAST COAST TOUR in October, we are very excited to have the amazing Heather Blotto filling in on drums for the trip. Heather has been a close friend and huge supporter of the band since the very beginning; she also met up with us on our last East Coast tour when her band SURRENDER linked up with us for three days. She's an amazing musician and an endless wealth of knowledge and positivity. We're flattered that she's going to be taking the time to learn our songs, and then fly from Oakland to Carbondale to tour with us. 

We have also been working on a intraband "side project" with our friend Vinny Segretario of local synth-dance group WINGTIPS. We hope to be able to perform with him sooner than later. Right now we are mostly focusing on writing and recording this variation of Autonomy for a future release.

Also, we still have records about to come out. Our split with DOOM TOWN and our split with STREET EATERS should be available in time for our tour, along with a special limited edition record/art box that will include a lathe cut 8" semi-flexi record along with pieces of original art from a wide group of artists who are friends of Autonomy. This release will be limited to about 30 copies, each coming with a record, multiple posters/art prints, photographic prints, a patch, original video/film, and various other physical pieces of art. Every item involved in the box will have been made by made by hand in some capacity, so every set will be a unique. We're excited to be able to work with many of our non-musician friends who are artists and collaborate on this fluxus box inspired release.

We have posted songs off these upcoming releases on our bandcamp site.

Upcoming Performances:

#85 - 8/2/13 - 7 PM - Chicago, IL @ CLITfest / Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S. Morgan) - w/ No Babies, Split Feet, Lord Snow, When Falling Feels Like Flying
#86 - 8/3/13 - 3 PM - Chicago, IL @ Wilcox St. Block Party (2600 block) 

East Coast Tour with DOOM TOWN.

#87 - 10/9/13  - Carbondale, IL
#88 - 10/10/13 - Chicago, IL @ TBA - w/ Broken Prayer
#89 - 10/11/13 - Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman's 
#90 - 10/12/13 - Columbus, OH @ Bourbon Street - w/ Nervosas
#91 - 10/13/13 - Pittsburgh, PA
#92 - 10/14/13 - Philadelphia, PA
#93 - 10/15/13 - New Brunswick, NJ
#94 - 10/16/13 - NYC, NY
#95 - 10/17/13 - Boston, MA
#96 - 10/18/13 - NYC, NY
#97 - 10/19/13 - DC
#98 - 10/20/13 - Richmond, VA
#99 - 10/21/13 - Charlotte, NC
#100 - 10/22/13 - Raleigh, NC
#101 - 10/23/13 - Atlanta, GA @ TBA - w/ Wymyn's Prysyn
#102 - 10/24/13 - Nashville, TN @ The Owl
#103 - 10/25/13 - St. Louis, MO